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Written in 1999 After getting back together with my first Love


No words come to me How do I describe feelings that take my breath away?

An Ocean's sunset

Snow capped mountains

A Rose

Looking in your eyes

A garden in bloom

Flying through the clouds

Kissing you

A stallion running free the wind in his mane

Your touch

Birds singing

A melody

You holding me

Protection, safe, content

You say my name...

A Pink Rose blooms


©2008                                Natalie

Written in June 1999


Thinking of you

Emotions rush through me

Happiness we are together

Sadness; I want to see the future and know it will be you

and me

Till the tide takes us

Till the hand of the Heavan's separates us 

Doubt put there by others

Your words I remember while you are away

My hurt I can't forget

I want to reach out for you, I want to push you away

When am I going to know deep down throughout my body

and soul?

What you already seem to know

My previous words always in vain later

I desire for my words to ring true

Hurt I don't think I can take from you

Luv, how I want to believe you

If only I could ease the pain and quiet my mind

And return to your arms

Ever happy ever content

Where I belonged all along

©2008                                              Enchanted Pen


Written August 7th, 1999 


Waiting for the stubborn time to pass

So I can see what fate

This day will bring me

Tortured still, visions of you

holding me, needing to feel your touch

I hope I wish upon a non-existant star,

to be near you

Everything is happiness

as long as you are close

My heart impatiently beats, for my lips

to speak my vows, allowing me after eternity

to call you Husband

©2008                                    Enchanted Pen


Make a Wish upon a star!