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Natalie's tips for Writers

  • Tip#1   Write, write, write whenever you are able. People learn by doing and if you want to know if it's for you. The only way to find out is try it. I spent years saying I'm going to write a book I want to be published. In order to gain the experience and knowledge it's best to go for it.  I believe this can apply to any career choice. If you want to be a painter, paint. You want to be a photographer take pictures.

  • Tip#2  Find what inspires you and keep it close. I realized movies and music seem to inspire me the most. I always make sure I keep my mp3 player on my desk. Which has my inspirational music in it in a folder.  Also I have movies on hand that inspire me. I sometimes rent movies that inspire me at the moment. I love fantasy movies and I drive my husband crazy trying to get my hands on them.  


  • Tip#3 find your own style. Every writer has their own style. It may take some time but once you know what your style is. It makes it easier to add a unique voice to your writing. I've found that things about me that I got teased for when I was younger. Ended up being one of the quirks I now wear proudly. Put that in your writing. Let a little of you shine through. 


 Tip#4  Do not fear the Thesaurus Get a calendar with a word of the day. Keep a thesaurus handy. Please, please, do not use the same words over and over. I drive myself nuts because I know which words are my favorites. I use find in my document find them all and then change them. Using different words challenges you to either describe differently or it avoids making your story sound repetitive. I have read published authors who have made this mistake. It takes away from the story. Make the effort to find another word for Red or book or magic. It makes a difference.   


  • Tip#5 Participate in classes on writing, Attend conferences join a critique group. There is so much information out there. I've learned so much. Since I've begun taking classes and talking to other writers. Plus there's that bond that you form with other writers that you may not form with a non- writer exactly for that reason. Writing is art and who better to understand that, than another writer.

       These are things that have helped me on my writing   journey. I hope they have been some help to you.   

May the words flow from your pen like they were meant to be there all along.